Electronic Starter For sunbed sunbeds box of 10

supreme sunbeds

  • £30.00

Electronic starters for use within sunbeds, These have the conventional benefits of those listed below over Standard starters, : 
  • Lamps start smoothly & softly by using electronic starters 
  • Blackened tube ends are virtually eliminated by using electronic starters 
  • Lamp life is extended by using electronic starters 
  • Faulty lamps are disabled ( no flashing) by using electronic starters
  • Safety & life of other componants are assured with electronic starters 
  • 10 years guarantee with electronic starters, last much much longer than conventional starters 
  • Suitable for sunbed ballasts 160-225w 

Electronic starters may vary in brand from time to time, depending on offers available so image branding and colour may be used as a guide only i.e cosmedico and solartan starters are orange blue or red. 

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