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Isolde Cleo performance 100w Ruva sunbed Tubes, lamps


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The isolde Cleo Performance sunbed Lamps are A popular choice for canopy and double home sunbeds with 100w ballasts such as the majority of the Phillips range, The Sunbed lamps are classified as 6ft/1.8m lamps the actual length is 1763mm. The rouva lamps are different to the standard uva as they contain an inbuilt reflector in the tube therefore creating the light to bounce of the rear of the lamp and direct out of the front. These lamps are great in canopy sunbeds the top canopies of doubles and sunbeds without reflector sheets or strips. 

The Maximum recommended tanning time dependent upon skin typing is 20-27 mins, this is based on a skin type 3, It is recommended to start gradually with a 6-8 min start off and build gradually. 

The isolde cleo performance give a deep long lasting tan. The lifespan is recommended 600hours before changing. 

The lamp ends have a G13 fitting and the lamps are 38mm in diameter. 

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