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Isolde Cleo Performance 100w Uva Sunbed lamps tubes


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The Isolde cleo performance Previously phillips are a popular sunbed lamp, Used in home sunbeds currently with 100W lamps (tubes)  such as the majority of the phillips sunbeds. The Cleo 100W uva lamps (tubes)  are designed for those beds fitted with reflective mirror sheets or strips therefore maximising the performance of the lamps. If your sunbed has no reflectors please see the cleo performance 100W Ruva, These have built in reflectors within the tubes.

These lamps are classed in the industry as 6ft or 1.8m lamps but Are actually 1763mm in length 

The tube diameter is a 38mm with a G13 end cap. These lamps have an approx 600 hour life span.

These lamps can be used in canopy sunbeds, Double sunbeds and stand up vertical sunbeds.

These lamps have a typical tanning time of maximum 20-27 mins depending upon skin typing this is based on a skin type 3. These are maximum tanning times and we recommend Start of tanning time of 6-9 mins building gradual.

These lamps achieve a deep long lasting tan.