Su20 Pine Stand up 20 tube sunbed (rent to buy total £970 see listing)

Su20 Pine Stand up 20 tube sunbed (rent to buy total £970 see listing)

Supreme sunbeds su20 Home hire sunbed stand up

  • £20.00

As our home hire range is rotated with new sunbeds as regular as possible, we offer our older stock at a rent to buy scenario with brand new lamps and starters (worth £300) and pat and current test will be carried out to ensure all is upto standard, This rent to buy  is based on £20 Booking slot as per listing. Upon delivery £250 is payable With a further 7 monthly payments of £100, Totalling £970 Transfer of ownership is then completed after the last payment is recieved.  

Delivery of rent to buys is 7-14 days from order, This enables us time for preparing and retubing.

The Su20 pine Stand up Home sunbed is a 20 tube stand up home sunbed which is positioned in a 1 metre square space, This is a campact unit for home use and runs from 2 x 13amp wall sockets Extension leads should not be used and direct into wall sockets. Each power lead has a 3m length, This sunbed has twin 10 mins safety timer.  These have 0.3 Max EU lamps which are european compliant on uvb max exposure limits, Goggles and instructions are provided on delivery. Tanning times are recommended are 6-12 mins max after building gradual from 3 mins to start. times are dependent upon skin typing which will be explained verbally and written on delivery. If You cannot currently purchase the rent to buy deposit payment this is because we are currently not taking bookings as we have no current stock availability This is indicated by out of stock on the product listing. Payment is To secure booking Delivery slot is £20. The Remaining balance Outstanding is payable on delivery of the sunbed and remaining monthly charges accordingly until the final payment of purchase

Please note these beds as exhire will have outer casing marks through transporting through our home hire network. But all fully operational with brand new lamps and starters. 

If Payment terms are not met monthly until the final balance is paid,  the sunbed continues to remain the property of supreme sunbeds uk ltd, and goods will be collected by us all payments made to date will then transfer to that of the sunbed has been on a monthly hire contract and funds paid to date will be non refundable and belong to supreme sunbeds uk ltd.

2 forms of I.d should be present if requested upon delivery, one being a photo id passport, driving licence, national insurance number and any utility bill. The address of delivery must match the card/paypal account used to secure booking slot via our website or in manual booking instances. We reserve the right to cancel and refund bookings upto the point of delivery. For Further frequently asked questions please dont hesitate to contact us or See the following link :- More Information

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