Best Sunbed tubes, Branded twist tanning Lamps



Here At supreme Sunbeds ltd , We are proud to say we distribute the Highest quality sunbed lamps from all the leading Brand manufacturers such as Isolde, Wolf systems, Cosmedico, lamps such as the DDS twist, Cosmedico rainbow etc..... As There Are such a vast range of lamps and Also weekly Deals dependant upon manufacturer We Ask To Please Call Us and We can discuss your exacxt requirements to suit your Needs 

FOR THE BEST PRICING CALL US NOW 10AM-10PM ON 01204 844111 or 07785246539 

We will never substitute quality for price in this industry, with over 20 years in the business we understand clients needs and requirements, and through rigorous testing supply the lamps we know perform to how a tanning lamp should, Therefore keeping not only our customer happy but in turn those visiting the businesses owned by our customers.

Unsure of which sunbed lamps to choose,, dont just simply buy from the unknown. Your business depends upon the best options to thrive, give us a call and we can match suitable lamps for your requirements be it salon, gym or home use, 15W,85W 100W 160W 180W 225W 250W 300W 500W be it Facial lamps, 1.8m, 2m lamps we can help out  

Delivery costings are shown at checkout, due to size and fragility this is price based on size of consignments.

We are based in Bolton, Just outside of Manchester. We also Offer a fitting and Engineer service within the greater manchester area, for a small charge.