Skin Typing and tips

Skin Type 1



People with very fair/sensitive skin and often with red/strawberry blonde hair and freckles, pale blue, pale grey or pale green eyes. People who hardly or never tan. Recommendation: you should NOT tan on a sunbed or outdoors. We would recommend that your review our sunless offering.

Skin Type 2


People with fairish skin who usually burn and sometimes tan. Tend to have light hair, blue or brown eyes. Recommendation: The EU Scientific Committee on Customer products states that people with skin types 1 and 2 should NOT proceed with UV tanning.



Skin Type 3


People with brownish white skins who tan fairly easily but can burn if overexposed. Even though they tan easily, they should respect the fact that they can still burn, especially without a base tan. Recommendation: Although you tan easily you should respect the fact that your still burn.



Skin Type 4


People with dark skin who tan easily and hardly ever burn, but even so need to be careful that they don’t go through prolonged over exposure. Recommendation: You tan easily but should never have more than the full recommended session time.



Skin Type 5 & 6

There are skin types 5 and 6, 5 being naturally brown skin and 6 being naturally brown/black skin. Generally customers wishing to use sunbeds