Sunbed Tan Shot xtra Drinks when Tanning COQ10 and Vitamins (4 boxes)

Sunbed Tan Shot xtra Drinks when Tanning COQ10 and Vitamins (4 boxes)

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  • £110.00

The Sunbed Tan shot xtra drinks are the new and improved formula of our best selling vitamin drink Tan shot, with the same great pineapple and coconut flavour. Use Tanshot Xtra in combination with a professional tanning lotion for maximum tanning results when tanning. These come in a 24 bottle display as pictured 60ml per bottle. (4 boxes total )

Shipping is £7.99 

Improves your tan and skin condition from the inside out and are used in conunction when tanning. The Tan shot drinks also contain beta carotin and Aloe vera and vitamins promoting care for the skin, All in a refreshing tan shot drink. 

"TanShot Xtra contains twice as many active ingredients as it’s predecessor, instantly improving tanning results both in the tanning salon and when outdoors."

Tan shot Xtra Drinks contains nourishing ingredients of Aloe vera extract along with vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta carotine. These ingredients promote better tanning results by optimising the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs during the tanning process. 

Beta Carotine - Kick starts melanin in the skin produced by sunlight interaction added amount simulated in the body by Tanshot results in optimising your tan 

Vitamin C and E - Helps to firm and tighten the skin and give a fresh youthful appearance. 

COQ10 - known anti-aging benefits reduces the appearance of wrinkles improves skin firmness, smoothness and flexibility while stimulating healthy collagen production. 

 Vitamin A - To ensure a smooth supple complexion

Advice max 1 bottle per day as more is pointless.

Each box weighs apprx 2kg 


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