Supreme Sunbeds (uk) ltd, We specialise within the Greater manchester Area on The Best models of  Home Hire Sun beds, We stock Canopy sunbeds, Double top and Bottom Sunbeds, And Stand up vertical / sun showers, For Information Please see below Or to Book online please see our products collection By Clicking :- Here

ALL HIRE BEDS Contain EU 0.3 Compliant lamps. This introduction of the 0.3 limit compliance  is welcomed and inturn creates a safer, deeper longer lasting tan. 

strictly NO under 18,s,  NO flats,  NO apartments.  

All our hire beds are fitted with twin 10 minute safety timers,  Full instructions will be given on delivery of your sunbed hire,

safety goggles are supplied free of charge 


1. Does the sunbed have new tubes ? 
We replace lamps after 400-450 hours use, Manufacturers advise 800-1000 but we always keep our lamps tip top, as to gain repeat business we have been established combined as  supreme sunbeds and supreme sunbeds (uk) ltd for over 25 years. We use the best tanning lamps with a high tanning uva output pressure per cm square. The difference between a low quality lamp and higher quality lamp can be upto 50% difference in output. We will not cut corners on lamp quality.

2. What wattage are the sunbeds ? 
I wish it was this simple for performance of a lamp but it isnt, the science is a lot deeper.  It is not relevant what wattage the sunbed lamps state for performance, It is about the internal  control wattage of the sunbed ballasts and Also being paired correctly with the correct lamps containing the best tanning mix of uva/uvb and phosphur quality to suit. Since the welcomed introduction of the 0.3 EU compliancy regulations which promotes safer tanning. Most lamps are now stamped 160w/250 on the tube this means they will work within this range dependent upon your sunbed internal controls. Generally sunbeds with 1.8m lamps run from 100-160W internal controls. This is also the same in commercial salon units wereas the majority are 160W ballasts for 1.8m lamps or the 2M lamps are generally 180W ballasts. Our home hire beds are 1.8m Lamps 160/250 and 160w ballasts and 10 min timers,  so rest assured you are hiring a high performing connercial grade home hire bed not an old 100w bed with a timer of 30-60mins and trying to run 225w lamps from 100w internal controls, Our New 2018 elite electronic range sunbeds are based with NEW technology electronic ballasts this gives the benefit of low energy  but  with high power output lamps. (the best way to try to describe the new technology is similar to the way lighting bulbs have evolved from 50w energy bulbs but can now be replaced with low wattage led giving the same/similar lighting output at a fraction of the wattage)  The new Electronic beds run cooler as there is not as much energy loss transfered from the copper ballast windings therefore optmising lamp working conditions. 

3. What are the tanning times for our home hire sunbeds ? 
We recommend a starting time of 4 mins building gradually, the maximum tanning times we recommend are 6, 9, 12  mins dependent upon skin typing of users, full instructions will be given clarifying  this on delivery of the sunbed. Instructions are also attached on each sunbed. We advise to rest the skin inbetween sessions by allowing a break of 24 hours indoor or outdoor tanning inbetween sessions and with those with a skin type 2 fair a 48 hour break.
The European standard advises not to exceed 60 yearly sessions  

4. Can we pre book a sunbed ?
Outside of peak season between the months september and feb yes 
in peak season we cannot take pre bookings for new account holders. But existing account holders can be accomodated so please contact us if you have used us previous.

5. Can we extend our sunbed hire ? 
Yes, Someone in the office will call within 1-2 days of the sunbed hire expiring and you will have the option to extend if required this can then be paid bank transfer/ paypal or card.

 6. Do you cover my area ? 
    Certain areas/properties may not be covered in scenarios of this      nature we will call and refund your booking straight away. No Flats or Apartments. We cover 20 miles of our bolton base BL1 8BL you can check your distance from us by clicking Here

Any further queries or questions please dont hesitate to ask us.

we cover with our sunbed hire areas around manchester and surrounding areas such as :-

Blackrod, For Other Areas Local we should
beable to accomodate any questions please ask.