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NEW Rainbow 2m 0.3 Sunbed Tubes Tanning Lamps choose quantity


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These lamps are a recommendation, When wanting to achieve something new to your salon or area, Specifically if there is plenty of local competition, these lamps are not only aesthetically pleasing and create a wow factor and client talking point but also they are great tanning lamps by the leading manufacturer cosmedico.

Rainbow 2 metre 0.3 Lamps 250 are a New Range to market, Manufactured by Cosmedico to bring this special 0.3 sunbed tanning lamp. Sunbed Lamps With Great performance along with lamp longevity. Alternate your lamp colours on your sun bed for the under the rainbow quattro Look, 

Rainbow lamps are available in the following  :- 

Party Pink - "The Colour of Health and rejuvenation, i am precious for i serve the inner needs of the human body.When i fill the sky at sunrise and sunset my beauty is so striking that no-one gives another thought to any of you"

Sizzling yellow - "your all so serious. I bring laughter gaiety and warmth into the world. The sun is yellow, the moon is yellow, and the stars are yellow, every time you use a sunbed you will start to smile.. I also carry a lot of the important vitamins. Without me there would be no fun. 

Rapid Green - "Clearly i am the most important i am the sign of life and hope, Offering relaxation, stress relief and the feel good factor tan. I was chosen for grass, trees and leaves. look out over the countryside and you will see that i am majority" 

Electric Blue - " you only think about the earth, but consider the sky and the sea, i provide the power and the strength that holds the colours together to create the deepest effective tan, it is water that is the basis of life and the clouds draw this up from the blue sea. The Sky holds the sun to ensure life and Vitality" 

These are a 2m Lamp and will fit in beds containing 2m lamps with lamp ballasts of 180/200w lamps have a 250 label on the tube,.

Simply choose your quantity of lamps in the above box and click add to cart. During Checkout if you would like a certain colours breakdown please in the comments box write your requirements alternatively the most even break down will be sent i.e an order for 48 lamps will recieve 12 off each colour 

Shipping on lamps is free over £250 spend under £250 due to the size fragility and specialist couriers used to minimise damages within mainland uk this is £23.99 

MINIMUM ORDERS FOR LAMPS IS 5 TUBES due to shipping restrictions, orders less than 5 lamps will be refunded back. If Quantities below 5 lamps are required please call us on 01204 844111. 

 Once you have placed your order we will call you to arrange a delivery day, Due to the nature of sunbed lamps, We have a specialist delivery service covering the entire uk on a weekly rotation basis as to limit any damages. Any Questions please dont hesitate to contact us 10am-10pm on 01204 844111. 


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