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Digital coin, token meter for sunbed control

sunbed token meter

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Sunbed Digital meter This versatile meter is programmable from one second to 99 hours and 59 minutes. Standard features include digital display, resettable and non-resettable coin and hour counters, dual or single coin operation, auxiliary and pre start waiting time. The time period may be set in minutes and seconds or hours and minutes mode.
Power consumption of the timer is approximately 22W (at 230V AC). Loads of up to 3kVA (13A resistive) can be switched

Instructions with meter 

Coins or tokens you choose Pounds pence, Euro, L1, L2, L3, L4 tokens 

As Stated in the token box manual this item is a professional product to be installed by a competant person with electrical experience 


Type T HBC 250V

breaking capacity, 20 x 5mm
FS1 500mA

Colour: White or Light Grey
Time Intervals:

Programmable minutes & seconds

or hours & minutes (99.99 Max)

Display: 0.6 inch high green LED

£1, 20p, 10p, €1, €0.50, L1,


Dimensions: H: 270mm W: 183mm D: 93mm
Weight: 1.4kgm
Case: High impact ABS
Lock: Radial 8 pin with one key
Cash Box Capacity:

100 coins of

23mm diameter x 2.5mm thick


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